July Plastic Free Ecochallenge

July Plastic Free Ecochallenge

Jul 05

July Plastic Free Ecochallenge

Plastic is present in every aspect of our lives. It’s in our kitchens, bathrooms, cars, bedrooms… it’s even in our food. But can we change that for ourselves and future generations? Small and steady actions are the key to forming long-term habits — minimizing our plastic use is no different.

A Challenge that Brings Us Together
Each July, zoos, aquariums, businesses and citizens have the opportunity to join the Plastic Free Ecochallenge. The challenge was created and developed in partnership between the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Ecochallenge.org, and supported by facilities across North America, including the South Carolina Aquarium. The goal is to promote sustainable and habit-forming changes to our plastic consumption.

This volunteer joined a community litter sweep on Folly Beach.

Action-Packed Fun
Are you ready for the challenge? This online competition allows you to choose from a curated list of actions to complete throughout the month. Every few days, be sure to check in and log the actions you completed, racking up points for yourself and your team!

There are dozens of actions to choose from, making it incredibly easy to tailor your experience to your own life.

Some options are one-time actions:

  • Switch to a steel, reusable razor
  • Transition to a plastic-free or DIY deodorant
  • Tour a waste management facility
  • Conduct an at-home waste audit
  • Research proper recycling techniques in your community
Some recycling facilities offer tours and educational talks.

Others can be completed on a daily basis:

  • Use a reusable water bottle or tumbler
  • Refuse plastic bags at the grocery store
  • Store your leftovers in reusable containers made of glass or metal
  • Keep reusable straws and utensils with you
  • Try out a plastic-free gum
Reusable water bottles are an easy plastic-free swap.

Winner, Winner, Plastic-Free Dinner
Every team’s a winner in the Plastic Free Ecochallenge! After all, you’re not just challenging other teams — you’re challenging yourself to make every-day changes to your life that help keep plastic waste out of our environment. Collectively, we will make a powerful difference in the amount of plastic we keep out of our environment and landfills. But it’s the personal win that matters most: learning about and changing your plastic impact on water, wildlife and wild places.

Use the link below to sign up for the Plastic Free Ecochallenge and be sure to search for and join our team: South Carolina Aquarium!

Published July 5, 2023

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