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Dec 13


green (Chelonia mydas)

Stranding Location: Dare County, NC

Arrival Date: 12/13/2010

Age: juvenile

Weight: 5.90 kg (13.0 lb)

Case History

In an effort to help North Carolina facilities overwhelmed by a large number of cold-stunned sea turtles that stranded in early December, nine sea turtles were transferred to the SCA’s Sea Turtle Hospital on 13 December 2010. Charms, a juvenile weighing 4.28 kg, is one of seven greens received from NC.


In addition to the typical treatments administered to the North Carolina cold-stunned sea turtles (fluids, antibiotics, and calcium gluconate), Charms had multiple abrasions on his plastron and soft tissues that were topically treated with SSD (an antibiotic/antifungal cream). Charms also had minor soft tissue damage on his nares, which required he be placed in his own tank where the damage wouldn’t be exacerbated by netting or by other turtles.

Release Date


Release Location

Beachwalker County Park, Kiawah, SC

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