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Good Catch is Expanding its Reach in South Carolina!

Mar 23

Good Catch is Expanding its Reach in South Carolina!

Good Catch, the South Carolina Aquarium’s sustainable seafood program, has an excellent foundation of dedicated restaurant partners. Since the program started in 2002, we have cultivated relationships with over 120 partners who are committed to placing sustainability at the forefront of their menus. The majority of our partners are based in Charleston, but Good Catch is a statewide program that continues to expand its reach across South Carolina. In addition to our Charleston partners, we have partners represented all along the South Carolina coast, Columbia and Greenville. Good Catch strives to support like-minded culinary professionals who want to serve responsibly harvested seafood as well as to raise awareness among culinary professionals who aren’t yet aware of the importance of serving sustainable seafood.

I recently joined a panel discussion in Greenville for the annual Cultivate workshop hosted by Greenville Tech’s Culinary Institute of the Carolinas, Edible Upcountry Magazine and South Carolina Organization for Organic Living (SCOOL). I spoke to 150 culinary representatives and introduced them to Good Catch, which generated a great deal of excitement around the program because most of the attendees were not aware that this resource was available. I could not be more excited to work on growing our partner base throughout the state in the coming year.

For a complete list of all Good Catch restaurant partners, visit and keep an eye out for the Good Catch logo no matter what city you’re visiting in South Carolina!

– Shelley Dearhart, Good Catch Coordinator

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