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Jun 04


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Stranding Location: Edingsville Beach, SC

Arrival Date: 05/27/2015

Age: Sub-adult

Weight: 47.52 kg (~105 lb.)

Case History

Named in honor of his stranding location, this sub-adult loggerhead was found stranded on the NE end of Edingsville Beach by a caring couple who recognized the importance of reporting the stranding to the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR). SCDNR monitors and responds to a 24-hour hotline number (800.922.5431) that the public is encouraged to use to report both live and dead stranded sea turtles in South Carolina. This reporting is critical to monitor our local sea turtle populations and to ensure prompt medical treatment is provided to animals that strand alive


Edings represents the 10th live sea turtle to be admitted to our hospital in 2015, which is a record for us this time of year. Blood work was poor, although this loggerhead did have a fairly normal glucose level of 83 mg/dl which is indicative of recent feeding in the wild. Our veterinary care team administered supportive care, which included fluids, injectable vitamins, and an injectable antibiotic.


29 May 2015: After staff noticed some vision issues when trying to feed Edings earlier today, our vet performed an eye exam and confirmed that this animal is suffering from cataracts in both eyes. This is the fifth loggerhead recently afflicted with this extremely rare condition in our hospital; other patients with bilateral cataracts include Briar, Buck, Boyles, and Price.

12 August 2015: Edings is finally healthy enough to undergo cataract surgery. We are currently in the process of scheduling this important procedure to restore his eyesight.

11 November 2015: Eding’s cataract surgery has been scheduled for November 24th. This procedure will be performed by veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Anne Cook at Animal Eye Care of the Lowcountry. In the meantime, staff and volunteers are continuing to tong feed his/her diet of 2.30 pounds of salmon each day. Despite being visually impaired Edings continues to eat well, and now weighs 52.50 kg (115.80 lb).

25 November 2015: Only two days after undergoing cataract surgery Edings is able to find pieces of food on his/her own! We are elated that s/he has regained sight after over six months of having cataracts. It is definitely rewarding to see a patient that had previously been tong fed his/her diet now able to locate food without assistance. Hospital staff is administering eye drops twice a day and will do so for the next ten days.

6 January 2016: Edings continues to do amazing and is able to locate food quickly and efficiently, including live blue crabs. If Edings continues on this track, we are anticipating his/her release in the next couple months!

Release Date


Release Location

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast, FL


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