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Gifting Green

Dec 04

Gifting Green

It’s the holiday season, which means holiday shopping and gifts under the tree! Have you ever thought about how your holiday experience affects your local community and environment? Turns out, how and where we shop can negatively impact the environment! Not to worry – there are tons of ways to make your holiday gift-giving greener, and in turn, give back to the planet.

Shop Local

Support your community by shopping at local, small businesses! Oftentimes, their products are produced locally; not only are you supporting your local economy, but you’re lowering your carbon footprint. Shopping local also helps you avoid shipping, and the carbon emissions that come along with it. When you buy a product in store, you also avoid all the excess packaging that is used to protect items when they are shipped.

Gift Sustainable

Don’t be afraid to get creative with DIY gifts. You can also upcycle items, like antiques and vintage pieces, by gifting them and giving them a new home.

Last but certainly not least, you can even try gifting experiences! This time of year is about spending time together, so invest in a fun activity for family and friends to do together.

Wrap Green

When you’re shopping for gift-wrapping materials, look out for unsustainable gift wrapping like decorative wrapping paper, plastic ribbon and plastic bows. Instead, shop around for eco-friendly wrapping paper (you can even reuse newspaper) and try yarn or twine rather than plastic ribbon!

At home, you can use old cookie tins and tea boxes to wrap your gifts! You can even use fabric wrapping to make your presents festive, colorful and sustainable. Natural items, like pine cones or extra limbs from your Christmas tree, can be added to your gift wrapping for some festive and eco-friendly decoration.

Create a more sustainable holiday season by shopping local, using eco-friendly wrapping and decorations, and giving the gift of experiences!

Looking for the perfect, sustainably minded gift for your loved one?

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