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This Season’s Good Catch: Greater Amberjack

Nov 05

This Season’s Good Catch: Greater Amberjack

Where is Greater Amberjack found?

Greater Amberjack is found in subtropical regions all over the world. Along the western Atlantic Ocean, they are found from Nova Scotia down to Brazil. Greater Amberjack concentrate around reefs, rocky areas and wrecks, where they prey on crabs, squid and other fishes.

When is Greater Amberjack in season in South Carolina?

South Carolina’s season is May 1 – March 31. The fishery is closed during the month of April due to spawning aggregations. This allows Greater Amberjack to reproduce freely without added fishing pressure, which helps the species to maintain a healthy population in the South Atlantic.

How is Greater Amberjack harvested?

Commercially, Greater Amberjack is harvested in the South Atlantic using electric and hydraulic reels. Recreationally, Greater Amberjack is often caught as bycatch on hook-and-line, which is a very sustainable method of fishing. Whether commercially caught or brought in as bycatch, this South Carolina catch is harvested responsibly.

What makes Greater Amberjack sustainable?

As an underutilized species that is not overfished like more popular species such as Grouper, Greater Amberjack is a sustainable choice. The commercial harvesting of Greater Amberjack has low impact on the environment. The gear and methods used to fish this species rarely contacts the ocean floor, causing minimal habitat impact and also produces low amounts of bycatch.

What does Greater Amberjack taste like?

This tasty finfish is white and flaky with a sweet flavor. Whether grilled, blackened or baked, the pleasant flavor works well with seasonings and marinade. Add a dash of fresh squeezed lemon and bon app?tit!

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