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Our Hurricane & Severe Weather Plan

Oct 06

Our Hurricane & Severe Weather Plan

We at the Aquarium go to great lengths to prepare for any natural disaster. Once a tropical storm or hurricane becomes a possible threat to Charleston, our team immediately springs into action. In fact, we start preparations right when hurricane season begins. We maximize stocks of animal diets the first of each month, we take a head count of all animals currently housed in the Aquarium and plan for their safe keeping during a storm, and we meet frequently to ensure everything goes smoothly in the event of severe weather.

Needless to say, 14495474_10154623852127342_8630510903644343221_nwe are super prepared by the time a hurricane takes form off of our coast. Once an approaching hurricane is confirmed, we began installing metal panels over all of our glass windows, and collect any and all loose objects outside of the Aquarium, including chairs, waste baskets and other debris. We top off all freshwater exhibits and freshwater back-up tanks as well as seawater exhibits and seawater back-up tanks. We gather sandbags for distribution throughout the Aquarium. We ensured that all first-aid kits and veterinary supplies are amply stocked, and check that all emergency response teams were ready to go, including our Ride-out Team and Recovery Team.

Our Ride-out Team (ROT) is made up of staff who volunteer to “ride out the storm” — these guys are our resident superheroes. They offer to stay in the Aquarium building throughout a storm or other condition where continuous on-site staff support is critical to the welfare of the animals. Names of ROT members are submitted to the Charleston County and City Emergency Management Department so if one our ROT members needs help, an emergency vehicle can be at the ready. They have a list of all animal needs including drinking water, live food and produce and species-specific care instructions.

And don’t worry, ROT members have plenty of their own supplies for the hurricane, including non-perishable food, first-aid kits, drinking water, flash lights, phone chargers and of course, board games and cards to pass the time.

Once the storm is over, ROT combines forces with RT, or Recovery Team. RT helps restore the Aquarium to the best possible condition after a storm strike. They are the first to return after the storm has passed and are expected to do so as soon as possible. Both ROT and RT are well-equipped and trained to provide the safest conditions for themselves as well as provide the best possible care to our animals during and throughout the recovery efforts. These teams are also provided with a list of emergency contact details for specialized veterinarians — as you know, we have some pretty unique animals who may require different care than a dog and cat veterinarian can provide.

Additionally, 13254022_10154232190887342_3567039862635001298_nall Aquarium staff members are given an emergency card, phone trees and detailed instructions on how to prepare for a hurricane. And this is just a quick overview of the steps we take to prepare — our actual Hurricane & Severe Weather Plan is 71 pages long! So take heart in knowing our Aquarium family, human and animal alike, is well taken care of.

Please make sure your family is prepared, too. Know your zone and evacuation routes, prepare your home for storm impact, assemble your hurricane kit and keep in contact with your loved ones.

From our family to yours, stay safe out there!

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