July 31, 2013 Sea Turtle Release | South Carolina Aquarium

July 31, 2013 Sea Turtle Release

Aug 14

July 31, 2013 Sea Turtle Release

Sutton: Juvenile Kemp’s ridley sea turtle; one of 18 cold stunned sea turtles admitted by the South Carolina Aquarium in the winter of 2012/13.

Raker: Juvenile green sea turtle; the first live stranding of the 2013 SC stranding season.

Splinter: Juvenile loggerhead sea turtle caught on board a South Carolina Department of Natural Resources research vessel; found with a large foreign object embedded in a rear flipper.

Thank you to all who make the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these sea turtles possible including the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission, donors, volunteers, interns, and even media that helps to spread the good word about our work. As you can see, the sea turtles releases draw huge crowds and as much as we try to create an organized, wonderful event for all to enjoy, large, excited crowds can sometimes get a little rowdy. Just please always remember to be kind to the people around you and let children up front so they can see, and hopefully everyone will have the experience of a lifetime!

All the best,

Kelly Thorvalson

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