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Jun 06


loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Stranding Location: Rescued by SCDNR research vessel in SC waters

Arrival Date: 06/06/2011

Age: juvenile

Weight: 30.9 kg (68 lb)

Case History

This 30.9 kg juvenile loggerhead was captured 6 June 2011 by the SCDNR’s sea turtle trawl survey vessel, the RV Lady Lisa. The phsical exam performed on board the boat revealed moderate keratin loss on the flippers, a condition we are seeing in numerous turtles this year (reason unknown). Lisa’s condition isn’t dire like most of the turtles we treat because she was captured in water before she became debilitated and stranded. Her prognosis is good.


Lisa was strong and active upon arrival to the Aquarium. Initial treatment included fluids with vitamin B complex and vitamin C, antibiotics, and blood work. She began eating 7 June and had a normal fecal containing crab hash and moon snails shortly thereafter.


10 July 2011: Lisa has quickly recovered under our care. Her soft tissues have re-keratinized and she is gaining weight on a diet of live blue crabs and healthy fish. She is scheduled to be released July 12th at 11 A.M. at Beachwalker County Park on Kiawah Island!

Release Date


Release Location

Beachwalker County Park, Kiawah, SC

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