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Which Animal Will Win Mayor of the Aquarium?

Nov 03

Which Animal Will Win Mayor of the Aquarium?

In the spirit of Election Day, our animals are running – and swimming, slithering, hopping and flying – for Aquarium Mayor! Each of the below candidates is putting their best fin forward to win your vote. Read about their aquatic aspirations and cast your vote for Aquarium Mayor!

Liberty the bald eagle is known to ruffle feathers. This right-winged bird of prey has laser-like focus with her eyes on the prize. The regal candidate embodies patriotism and sits on a very large nest of experience.

Alabaster the albino alligator is cool, calm, collected with thick skin. He is an advocate for energy conservation and really sinks his teeth into tough issues.

The Shark is a fierce competitor on top of his game. While he’s had a bad reputation in the past, his supporters are beginning to circle. He’s a deep thinker when responding to tough questions during debates. On the issue of conservation, he seems to have a sixth sense.

Josephine the red-ruffed lemur, although new to the race, has been leaping in the polls. Her speeches tend to have a lot of fluff, but this energetic primate brings a lot of enthusiasm. She also has a past history as a foreign ambassador.

The Chameleon is running as an independent, perhaps because he’s been accused of “changing his tone” too often. He’s a social climber with an innate ability to silence the boundless buzz surrounding his erratic campaign.

The Octopus, Oliver, is brilliant. He is “armed” with experience and feels comfortable blending in with new surroundings. Oliver is a sucker for a challenge and easily overpowers his crabby opponents.

Floyd the Flounder has been eyeing the Mayor seat for months. In past elections, Floyd has been walked on by many of his competitors, but claims he’s ready for change. He has revised his previously shallow, one-sided arguments and hopes to swim with the bigger fish this year.

Caretta has proven her leadership in the Great Ocean Tank for years; however, her loyal followers are anxious about the competition. She is accustom to the limelight, and thus comfortable in front of the camera. But if you dig into the issues, she has a hard time thinking outside of the feeding box.

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