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North Litchfield

Apr 29

North Litchfield

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Stranding Location: North Litchfield, SC

Arrival Date: 04/29/2008

Age: subadult

Weight: 58.2 kg

Case History

This loggerhead was found on North Litchfield in the surf and was easily captured by turtle team members. After coming to the Aquarium’s turtle hospital, blood was taken and antibiotics and fluids were administered. Once the animal was put in a holding tank, it exhibited very erratic behavior of constantly swimming in one direction and lunging out of the water for breaths, never stopping to rest.


Several times over the first few days, the turtle was observed swimming in very tight circles. This led the vet to believe the problem was neurological and anti-inflammatory injections were given. After 2 days of injections, the animal finally rested on the bottom of the tank. He has been acting normal since and started eating on the fifth day. “North Litchfield” will complete the antibiotic regimen and prerelease bloodwork will be taken soon after.


This is an unusual case. The turtle is only slightly underweight and his blood work was good except for a low glucose. It is difficult to say what instigated the turtle’s behavior and made him wash up in the surf. Prelease bloodwork has been taken for “North Litchfield” and we should be posting a release date soon!

Release Date


Release Location

Folly Beach County Park, SC

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