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Princess Leia

Dec 15

Princess Leia

Green (Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date: November 27th, 2016

Stranding Location: Eastham, Massachusetts

Weight: 4.6 pounds

Lifestage: Juvenile

Case History

This patient was admitted to New England Aquarium on 11/13/2016, h/she was very lethargic and chilly! Princess Leia received life-saving treatments including fluids and vitamins, and was gradually warmed back up to a normal temperature. There was radiographic evidence of pneumonia present in both lungs, so this patient was started on a course of antibiotics. Princess Leia spent a few weeks at New England Aquarium before being transferred to our Sea Turtle Care Center for further rehabilitation.


On arrival at South Carolina Aquarium, Princess Leia received a physical exam, radiographs, fluids, vitamins and antibiotics. Princess Leia did great during transport and was placed in a divided tank next to Han Solo fairly quickly after admit.


December 12, 2016: Princess Leia has been doing wonderful the past few weeks! S/he loves the variety of greens we offer, especially zucchinis! S/he loves to hide in her car wash strips, which act like sea grass, an enrichment we provide our green turtles to help them feel more comfortable while in the hospital. Princess Leia is currently receiving antibiotics.

January 6, 2017: Princess Leia is definitely acting like a princess as s/he is very stubborn about taking vitamins! Team members have to be very patient when offering vitamins each day as it takes at least three or four tries until they are consumed. S/he also loves to take siestas and is commonly seen snuggled in his/her seaweed enrichment.

February 7, 2017: This young princess has been doing very well over the past two months and is now ready to return to the ocean! On January 24, Leia was measured, weighed and tagged in preparation for her departure. S/he will be transported down, with her roommates Kylo Ren and Han Solo, to Florida for a beach release today. Please join us in wishing them safe travels and a happy life!

Release Date

February 7, 2017

Release Location

Surfside County Park in St. Augustine, Florida

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