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Sea Turtle Release Fast Facts

Aug 20

Sea Turtle Release Fast Facts

Seeing a rehabilitated turtle being released back into the wild is one of the most rewarding moments for everyone involved in the Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Care Center. Sea turtle releases are truly an amazing sight to behold and represent the Sea Turtle Care Center’s role in helping to ensure the future of these ancient ocean creatures. Releases are not only rewarding for those who have helped the sea turtles directly, but for the entire community. Without the love and support of community members, the Sea Turtle Care Center would not have accomplished all it has since opening. If you would like to learn how to attend a public sea turtle release or learn more about the release process, here are some fast facts:

  • In order to be released, a turtle must be medically cleared by our veterinarian and Sea Turtle Care Center medical staff.
  • Per federal guidelines, our team works with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to determine the best location and time to release a turtle.
  • There is a very short turnaround for the turtle to be released once medically cleared.
  • Release details are posted on the South Carolina Aquarium’s Facebook and Twitter.
  • To receive email notification prior to all public sea turtle releases, become a Loggerhead Adoptive Parent. Your support through the Adopt an Animal program helps provide our animals with expert care, daily food and vitamins, and opportunities for enrichment.
  • Local releases most often occur in the late spring and summertime, when ocean temperatures are high enough for the turtles, so make sure to check for release announcements on our social channels during these times of year!
  • When turtles are cleared for release before local water temperatures are high enough, they will either be released out in the Gulf Stream via boat or transported to Florida where the water is warm enough.
  • Information about sea turtle patients can be found on our blog. Click here to learn about current and released turtle patients.
  • If you would like to see the sea turtle patients firsthand, visit Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery™ at the South Carolina Aquarium and learn more about these amazing, endangered animals and how you can help protect them!

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