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Jun 18


loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Stranding Location: Skull Inlet, Beaufort, SC

Arrival Date: 06/18/2013

Age: juvenile

Case History

Skully was found in Skull Inlet by canoers, one of which belongs to the Virginia Stranding Response Program, who knew he needed help! Rescuers rode with SCDNR volunteer Janie Lackman and met Charlotte Hope halfway to ensure Skully made it to the Sea Turtle Hospital as quickly as possible.


At admittance, Skully had a moderately heavy load of barnacles covering his carapace and about a dozen small barnacles within his mouth. A physical exam revealed an old wound to his plastron, which was inhabited by leeches. Initial blood work was not too alarming (PCV 18-20%, TS 1.9), blood gas values did reveal low blood glucose. Skully was given 5% dextrose, injectable antibiotics, and vitamin C. We are keeping a close eye on his plastron wound, flushing it daily.


7 July 2013: Skully successfully passed the whole crab we found in his GI via x-ray examination at admission. The leeches have been flushed out of his plastron wound, and he is eating and defecating well. However, this loggerhead is positive for coccidia, so we are carefully monitoring him for potential associated complications.

Release Date

Release Location

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