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The Good Catch Mindset: Think Local, Buy Local, Eat Local.

Apr 24

The Good Catch Mindset: Think Local, Buy Local, Eat Local.

It’s no secret, times are tough right now for many of us. People are reevaluating their priorities, changing their habits and pinching their pennies. This strain doesn’t only apply to individuals, businesses are feeling it too. Now more than ever, small businesses are counting on us to stay afloat. Our support has never meant more and every single sale matters.

Buying local makes an impact. Making local choices means less miles the product has traveled, which reduces our carbon footprint. It also means instead of supporting a large corporation, we are helping someone within our own communities. Choosing to support businesses such as local seafood markets, grocery stores, book stores, florists, butchers, mechanics, restaurants and even local fisheries helps preserve a community’s way of life.

When it comes to seafood, South Carolina Aquarium Good Catch defines “local” as seafood harvested from southeast regional fisheries, which range from North Carolina to the east coast of Florida. Consuming local seafood means supporting shorter supply chains where transparency and traceability are more attainable. We encourage you to ask questions about where your seafood came from and even asking which fisherman or fishing vessel caught the fish. Information of this level is the best indicator of seafood traceability and sustainability.

When we buy our seafood from a local, sustainably managed fishery or from restaurants that source their seafood from them, we are doing so much more than supporting our local economy. We’re also doing our part to ensure a healthy future for our oceans.

Local fisheries adhere to strong regulations that take into consideration the long-term viability of each seafood species. They ensure that the species are harvested at the correct age, in the correct quantity and during the correct season. This helps keep our oceans well-balanced and full of life, as well as ensures the livelihood of communities that are dependent on the seafood industry.

Every choice we make makes a difference, especially when it comes to where we spend our money. Our local business owners are our neighbors and they are counting on us to make the sustainable and responsible decision to spend our dollars within our own communities. Our local fishermen and seafood purveyors are counting on us to keep their livelihood and traditions afloat. And our ocean is dependent on us to keep it healthy, balanced, and lively for generations to come.

Think Local. Buy Local. Eat Local.

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