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The Good Catch Bucket List

Dec 25

The Good Catch Bucket List

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities to embed yourself in the community and culture of the Lowcountry! One of our longstanding points of pride here is our local seafood industry. We’re lucky to have a working waterfront filled with folks putting their all into their profession and bringing us fresh seafood daily. We have talented and dedicated chefs who focus on sourcing seafood locally and adding an extra dash of culinary creativity to their dishes. And we have you, the wonderful community of supporters who care about where their seafood comes from and who brings it in. As we welcome 2020, we want to see the community become connected like never before and support what we all bring to the table. Join us in completing the Good Catch Bucket List below, and share your successes along the way!

Step outside your comfort zone and sample seafood you’ve never tried before.

It’s important to support what the ocean is providing, rather than making the ocean support our palates. Sure, it may be different than what you’re accustomed to eating, but you might discover your new favorite dish!

Good Catch crab claw dish
Adjust your palate with the seasons to accommodate changes in species availability.

By eating what’s in season, we’re considering species’ life cycles, locations and population sizes at certain times of the year, ultimately helping to maintain a balanced ocean. Need help deciding what’s in season, and when? No worries, we’ve got you covered:

Know your fisherman.

Take a walk along Shem Creek or the working waterfronts near you and meet the folks bringing in the local catch. Bonus points if you can spot the Miss Paula or Carolina Breeze; these boats provide our Aquarium animals with fresh local shrimp to eat! Fun fact: The Winds of Fortune, owned by shrimping all-star Wayne Magwood, was featured in Darius Rucker’s music video, “Come Back Song.”

Consider participating in a Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

A CSF is the seafood version of a farm share. You pay ahead and then get a supply of fresh local seafood throughout the season. When it comes to sourcing sustainably, this is one of the best options. Click Abundant Seafood’s photo below to learn more about their CSF shares:

Choose Good Catch partners for your date night dinners.

Take a moment to review our list of partners so that you know who’s sourcing seafood locally on the regular. And when you arrive, be sure to tell the chef you’re there because they’re Good Catch!

Incorporate local seafood into your weekly grocery budget.

Supporting local seafood means supporting our local community. Always ask where your seafood came from and who provided it! Transparency in the supply chain is important; if your grocer doesn’t know, consider buying your fish from a traditional fish market. Check out our Good Catch purveyors for options:

Order the seafood daily special.

These dishes aren’t on the regular menus, and allow the chefs to test out new recipes and seafood items. Let them know if it’s something you’d like to see more often!

Attend a Good Catch Dinner.

Executive chefs create an exclusive menu filled with sustainable seafood options at these dinners. Plus, it’s an opportunity learn about the seafood industry and chat with the fishermen who caught the seafood, the chefs who created the meals, and our own Good Catch coordinator, Amy MacKown.

Attend After Hours events at the Aquarium.

These 21+, all-inclusive events are fun-filled nights of entertainment, animal encounters and tastings of beverages and local fare. You’ll be able to sample dishes from multiple Good Catch partners in one night and meet the incredible chefs who conceptualized them! We’re kicking off our next season on February 21 with a focus on some of our favorite bivalves – oysters! Oysterfest is our annual celebration of these longstanding Lowcountry residents who serve so much purpose beyond being delicious. We hope to see you there and get you connected with our oyster purveyors and Good Catch partners who know the importance (and tastiness) of this seafood option.

Share your seafood stories with others.

Use #GoodCatch and tag the South Carolina Aquarium – follow us below!

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