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Give Joy: Volunteer in the Lowcountry

Nov 23

Give Joy: Volunteer in the Lowcountry

This time of year is about giving. And what better way to give than to lend your talents, your skills, your time, and your efforts to making the world a better place.

Here’s a list of some volunteer opportunities to get you started:


Lowcountry Food Bank – Fight hunger in the Charleston community. Donate food or host your own food drive.

One80 Place – Serve lunch to the homeless in One80 Place’s Community Kitchen.

Habitat for Humanity – Help build homes and shelters for those in need.


Charleston Surfrider – Protect and clean our oceans and tributaries by participating in beach and marsh sweeps.

Keep Charleston Beautiful – Take part in ( or even organize!) a community clean-up – anything from just picking up litter to planting a beautiful garden.

Nature Abounds – Become a Watch the Wild participant. Observe and report on the wild in your community to help gain a better understanding of our changing ecosystems.


Charleston Animal Society – Give some love to dogs and cats that are homeless, abused, or sick.

Vets for Pets – Be a foster home for shelter pets waiting to be paired with an American veteran in need of a best friend.

And of course, the Aquarium has lots of volunteer opportunities in husbandry (our animal care department), too!

There are so many great organizations you can get involved in like Begin with Books, a literacy program; or My Sister’s House, a program for victims of domestic violence. Health and medical non-profits like Lowcountry Aids Services and the American Heart Association are always in need of volunteers. There’s truly something for everyone.

Whether your passion is caring for animals, protecting the environment, or making sure someone has enough to eat – you can share your passion, take action, and give joy to the world. And not just for the holidays, but all year round.

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