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Sea Turtle Spotlight

Jun 16

Sea Turtle Spotlight

In celebration of World Sea Turtle Day, we’re spotlighting four of our patients in the Sea Turtle Hospital. Some sassy, some cute, some stinky, these sea turtles have enough personality to fill an ocean!

And don’t forget to catch up on their stories before you dive in!

“Nom, nom, nom.”


Grace is a green and is the cutest little thing! Her adorable demeanor and chill personality make her a favorite among staff. Well, she’s chill until she gets hungry. And then she gets very excitable and will stare intently at you with extra sass until you bring her food. And let’s be honest, we give in every time because her cute little face is just so darn irresistible!

Likes: All food, every food, any food. Enjoys luxuriously lounging on the backscratcher in her tank.

Dislikes: Taking her vitamins, and plastic…yuck!

Update: Grace is doing much better since her surgery for the impaction. She clearly has zero problem with eating and is no longer having issues with buoyancy. Once her blood values improve, she should be good to go!

“The first rule about fight club…”


Stink, stank, stunk! This guy is quite the odoriferous little loggerhead! He’s also a feisty one, having gotten into a brawl with a sting ray. Upon admission, it’s rumored he told staff, “You should see the other guy.”

Likes:  A turtle of simple pleasures, Ray loves sleeping with his head in his cave and taking naps on the bottom of his tank.

Dislikes: Sting rays, duh.

Update: Overall, he’s a healthy turtle with the exception of the wound from the sting ray attack. Once that heals, he should be okay for release.

“My, my, I just love salmon!”


This lady loggerhead is quite the southern belle! She just loves when people drop by for a visit so she can show them her version of southern hospitality, popping her head out of the water to say hello!  Lady is such a sweetie pie she let a crab share her tank! She has quite the refined palette (a classy way of saying picky eater – luckily for the crab) but is also messy, often getting food all over her tank. Her favorite colors are blush and bashful.

Likes:  Salmon and entertainin’ company.

Dislikes: All food but salmon.

Update:  After a successful cataract surgery, she’s been quite active and is fattening up for her release, which could be next month!


forest being forest
“Curiouser and curiouser!”


Forest is laid-back and has an insatiable appetite for the mysterious! That is, he’s super curious and inquisitive, always wanting to know what’s up.  At first, Forest wasn’t too fond of veggies and now he can’t get enough of them. He also takes his hunting and gathering very seriously, as he stalks and attacks his greens with all the unbridled viciousness of a cute little green!

Likes: Staring at people, hanging out on the bottom of his tank, swimming and eating his vegetables!

Dislikes: Indigestion

Update: Forest has progressed well in the last two months. We’ll check his blood values and if everything looks good, he’ll be ready for release!

If you find yourself won over by these sweet little faces and big personalities, and are looking for a way to help, check out our Amazon Wish List where you can buy fun but essential items for our hospital.

So schedule your Sea Turtle Hospital Tour and come visit these charismatic chelonioidea before they return home!

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