World Turtle Day 2016 | South Carolina Aquarium

World Turtle Day 2016

May 13

World Turtle Day 2016

The South Carolina Aquarium is celebrating World Turtle Day® on Saturday, May 21 from 10-2 pm! The annual observance was established by the American Tortoise Rescue (ATR), a nonprofit organization established in 1990 for the protection of all tortoise and turtle species. World Turtle Day® aims to celebrate and protect these reptiles and their disappearing habitats around the world.

We celebrate and protect turtles every day at the Aquarium but on this special day, we’re going to have various turtle-themed activities to really honor these amazing (and adorable) creatures!

We will have five stations, including one craft station and four stations focused on different species of turtle: freshwater turtles, gopher tortoise, diamondback terrapin, and sea turtles. Turtle stations will have a couple of these cute little guys for guest interaction, with the exception of the sea turtle station.

But no worries, you can visit the sea turtles during your tour at the Sea Turtle Hospital! Sea Turtle Hospital Tours take place at 11 am, noon, 1 pm or 2pm. Call (843) 577-FISH (3474) to reserve your spot.

We hope you’re turtlely excited for World Turtle Day – we turtlely are!

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