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Dec 15


Kemp’s ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

Arrival Date: November 27, 2016

Stranding Location: Barnstable, Massachusetts

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Age: Juvenile

Case History

Upon admit at the New England Aquarium on November 15th, blood work revealed a high white blood cell count and low blood glucose. IV fluids were quickly given to help offset the hypoglycemia and the turtle slowly warmed up from 57.3°F. Once stable, this turtle hitched a ride down south to recuperate in warmer weather.


Yoda, like the other cold stun patients, received fluids, antibiotics, radiographs, a physical examination and overall treatment plan. S/he will continue to be closely monitored on a daily basis and will receive an exam, weight check and injection every three days until the end of December. So far, Yoda appears to be doing well and enjoying the increase in food.


January 6, 2017: Yoda loves to rest at the surface of the water with either his/her flipper or whole body on the pvc backscratcher!

February 7, 2017: February 2nd: Yoda is a very active patient who loves to hang out under his backscratcher!

March 1, 2017: While Yoda was pulled for a routine weight and measurement, we found a small abscess on the soft tissue on the left rear flipper. Dr. Boylan did a quick radiograph and debrided the abscess. Luckily the abscess was minor, so it should heal up quickly! Yoda was also pulled for bloodwork and tagging this week, but will not be considered as a release candidate until the abscess heals.

April 3, 2017: Last week, Yoda was pulled for a physical exam and bloodwork. Yoda’s abscess on the left rear flipper is healing up nicely and his/her bloodwork results look superb! Yoda will most likely be a release candidate in the near future.

Release Date

April 11, 2017

Release Location


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